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Monday, 13 May 2002

"The Forward book of poetry 2002" (Forward Publishing, 2001)

Though the aim of this book isn't to be representative of current British poetry, it's the nearest we have. About 10 poems come from magazines, the net widely spread. Many publishers are acknowledged too. Perhaps there are fewer rhymed poems than in previous years, though as if to make up for that one rhymed piece is 9 pages long, and some of the free-form poetry has capitalised lines. Thus few (suspiciously few?) people can complain about omissions. Indeed, even prose writers have a look-in - "A brief history of the devil" is presented without line-breaks and several other pieces (pages 50, 64, 76, 83, 90, 123, perhaps) might as well have used prose lay-outs.

As expected with any anthology, it's surprising how some poems got in there (e.g. "Marcus"). Overall though (for better or worse) this book shows where UK poetry's at nowadays.

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