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Friday, 9 December 2005

"The Fahrenheit Twins" by Michel Faber (Canongate, 2005)

Another disappointment from a prose writer I'd had my eyes on. A reasonable range of characters - loners, parents, dictators, industrialists, etc. Too often however, a scene is quickly set (characters unambiguously introduced), a phase is described, then there's a hanging end, chronologically close to the start. Too often (e.g. in "The Eyes of the Soul") a single idea is pursued until it peters out. I liked "All black" because there was a contributing backdrop against which the father-child relationship was presented, though the father's sociological naivety doesn't sound too realistic. "Flesh remains flesh" has a tidier ending. "Vanilla-Bright like Eminem" and (much the pick of the bunch) "The Fahrenheit Twins" made a change.

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