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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

"Libbon 2" (2006)

Libbon magazine publishes short stories. It began in 2005 and comes out about once a year. I've seen issues 1 and 2, where submission was by competition. Since then, submissions have been open.

It's an A4 magazine with about 10 stories that are interrupted by little photos. I wasn't keen on the stories in issue 1 - the plot-driven stories were too predictable (having seen the twist of "Pork" from a long way off I was expecting a further twist that never came), and much of the writing was flat. "What hearts can bear" was an exception. Issue 2 was much better - all the stories at the start are better than just about anything in issue 1 - the writing's more confident. Stories like "bad love radio" don't feel the need to explain everything. In issue 2 they boldly print some reviews of Libbon 1.

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