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Friday, 14 May 2010

"The Manager" by Robin Vaughan-Williams (HappenStance, 2010)

19 pages, starting with the most difficult poem, I think. But the poems aren't hard. We see managers in various guises - as inspirational leader, dictator, someone beset by doubts, etc. Here are some starts to give you a flavour of the range of treatments

The manager sits behind a blue curtain
with his feet in a bucket
and a sliver of onion up each nostril
for hours on end
The manager runs across war zones.
He is anchorman and the correspondent
rolled into one, channel-hopping from Channel 4
The manager looks at me.
He says it's time I went.
They won't be needing me any more.

"a novel and original take on the 9-5 world ... Thought-provoking and entertaining, it's a pamphlet that's consistently effective and insightful" (Ben Wilkinson)

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