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Friday, 16 March 2012

"Reading Alice Munro in Italy" by Gianfranca Balestra et al (ed) (The Frank Iacobucci Center for Italian Studies, 2008)

Just a few quotes this time

  • "Objects, as usual in Munro's prose, work as mainstays of the story ... In "My Mother's dream" the writer exploits them in the transit between unreal and real, dream and everyday life, the metaphorical and the literal sense of words", p.51
  • "Narrators keep looking backward and every time they look back they have a different idea and offer a different version of what has happened", p.72
  • "Terms such as "modernism," "postmodernism" and "late-modernist" have proliferated within critics' writings in the attempt to capture and crystallise Munro's art", p.79"
  • "Water in Munro is associated with desire and death", p.105

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