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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

"New Walk 6", Rory Waterman and Nick Everett (eds)

An illustrated A4 magazine with 6 pages of stories, 30 pages of poems, 9 pages of reviews, 9 pages of essays/review-essays, and 4 pages of author bios/interviews. The 2 essays are about Lowell and Rosmarie Waldrop. Poetry ranges from rhyme to prose poem - Matthew Welton, Christopher Reid, etc. Even within pieces, there's a range: the prose (by Jonathan Taylor) is rather poetic and has embedded poetry; Reid's poems don't need the line-breaks.

Most of the authors (amongst them editors and ex-editors of magazines/presses) have published at least one book. That's not always a recipe for success but in this case there's barely a so-so contribution. Its masthead describes it as a magazine "for poetry and the arts" though maybe there are too many pictures for my liking.

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  1. Tim - This is much appreciated, including your feedback on the images. All best, Rory Waterman