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Saturday, 19 July 2014

"Stand Volume 12(3) 2014"

Stand Magazine has 136 A5 landscape pages, with the flexibility of 1 or 2 columns. There are about 25 pages of reviews (essay length, some dealing with 3-year-old books), 40 pages of prose (some as short as a page), and 60 pages of poetry (10 of them translations).

Prose and sections of poetry alternate. There are many names I recognise (Ian Madden, John Greening, Michael Loveday, Maitreyabandhu, etc) along with many I don't (I found Izabela Morska's prose and James Grabil's poetry a struggle). The 2.5 page review of Jeffrey Wainwright tempts me to get the book. Robert Pybus's review of Jorie Graham helped a lot too. It quoted Helen Vendler, who wrote that Jorie Graham "is willing to indulge in extreme Mannerism in order to reproduce, in what she believes to be an accurate way, the shimmer of body-mind as it attends to nature".

Stand's been going a long time. They've recently put online a Spreadsheet Index to Authors and Contents 1952-2014 which includes the odd Nobel winner.

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