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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"The Next Review (No. 5)"

The Next Review is A5, 52 pages, stapled. This issue has articles, reviews, an interview and 5 poems. They'd like to publish stories too, but need more submissions.

The interview with Fiona Sampson includes interesting material

  • "it's very hard to 'do' struggle in English poetry. You can't struggle with god, you can't struggle with meaning, and you can't struggle with your environment" (p.4)
  • "as an editor of Poetry Review I was reading 60,000 unsolicited submissions a year ... A really high proportion - a fifth - of the magazine when I edited it was by people who hadn't had their first book published, or who weren't well known" (p.10-11)
  • "Really I write books of poetry; I don't write individual poems. ... It's only really when I'm over the brow of the book that I can see what kind of collection it is that I'm writing. Then I can rewrite it all", (p.13)

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