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Saturday, 16 August 2014

"Maps & Legends" by Jo Ball and Jane Commane (eds) (Nine Arches Press, 2013)

An anthology selected from the 5 years of the poetry published by this press. My range of responses is testament to the range of styles - there's something for almost everyone.

Angela France is shown at her best. I've not read Claire Crowther before. I'm impressed by her "The Alices" and "Heritage". I'll read more of her. David Hart (see the video) and Luke Kennard are poets that I'd love to emulate. In the past I've tried. Maybe I should just read more of them instead. Matt Merritt I've always liked. I like some of David Morley's work a lot.

I didn't get Tom Chivers, Myra Connell, Tyler-Bennett or Peter Carpenter. Krytanovich, Larbey and McCabe I don't get. It's the first time I've read Maria Taylor, though I've heard about her. I'm not convinced yet. I don't get poems like Simon Turner's "Digital Birmingham" however good of their type they might be.

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