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Saturday, 20 February 2016

"Bare Fiction, (issue 5, 2015)" by Robert Harper (ed)

Still A4, 80 pages. This issue features story/poetry competition prizewinners as well as the usual reviews, articles and scripts, but that doesn't explain why the plays don't compare well with the other pieces. The first paragraph of the non-competition story "Even birds dream" does more for me than the 5 page play "For Kiera" with its predictable twist and nothing much else. The playwrights have decent credentials so I suspect I'm not reading the scripts as a drama person might.

Writers include Christopher North, Kit de Waal, and Anna Lawrence.

I liked "The Clay Baby" (3rd prize, story by Anne Corlett) and "I am the painter's daughter (2nd prize, flash by Kit de Waal).

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