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Saturday, 2 July 2016

"South Bank Poetry, issue 23 (2016)" by Katherine Lockton and Peter Ebsworth (eds)

Just poetry, and about 55 pages of it, from Alice Harrison (4 poems), Richie McCaffery (3 poems), Martin Figura (3 poems), John Greening (4 poems), Martin Jones (3 poems), Martin Childs (3 poems) etc., with a poet's poems not appearing contiguously. I'm not sure than all the poets who had multiple poems deserved all that space. At times for me the poetry errs on the side of sentimentality (poems similar to "Thirty-three and a Third" have already appeared too often), and there's nothing linguistically "challenging", though there's a fair range of material - short/long, rhymed/unrhymed, comic/political/sad. Quotes and variations on other poems seems popular. I noticed sampling from Kipling. The Doors, WC Williams, and Jenny Joseph.

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