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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

"Poetry Ireland Review (issue 110)" by John F Deane (ed)

128 pages, with about 50 pages of poetry and 8 pages of colour art. Shuttle, Oxley and Judy Brown are amongst the foreign contributors. There are obits/appreciations of Jack Gilbert and Dennis O'Driscoll, and one of the last poems of Tom Duddy. There's a 9-page essay on Gerry Murphy with a dense page of notes, and a 13 page essay reprinted from the Catullus Festival (Lake Garda, 2006) - "[the poor] named a public house in the Liberties district after him long before the Irish Tourist Board determined that every pub in Dublin should display the images of about least ten writers". Poems range from the bland (Sweeney) to the obscure (Mary O'Driscoll, whose notes informed me that the Irish language alphabet has only 18 letters) - e.g a good mix.

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