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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

"A different key" by John Mole (New Walk Editions, 2017)

14 pages of poetry, some of it from The Rialto and The Spectator.

"The Rebuke" is in loose couplets -

Which is why now
In bereavement's wake, the undertow
Of loss, I fear the doldrum drift
From one false start to another, to be left
Behind by what was once
The creative certainty of chance

"A Granddaughter's farewell" is an anecdote - touching, though it doesn't need line breaks. "Piano man" is too light for me -

The audience roars
And he rides its applause
To the finishing line
Then, taking his time,
He gets up to bow
As he wipes his brow

The final poem's final stanza starts with "But does it help me at all/ to write like this? Probably not/ so to those who have read thus far/ I give you leave to go, as I shall now, about the business/ of getting on with things,/ making the best of what remains"

I don't think I had comprehension problems with these poems. They seemed a bit middling though.

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