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Saturday, 22 December 2018

"Honeycomb" by M.R. Peacocke (Happenstance, 2018)

I've been hoping to stumble upon a book of hers because people have recommended her.

In "On the way down" a couple save an old ewe. Maybe she now has another year of lambing. All the couple can do is continue "making old bones". I liked "Honeycomb" - more about bones. "Skin narratives" starts with "Body transcribes itself monkishly/ over seven years, each edition/ less well bound, the scribal errors/ grosser" which is neatly expressed, though greater accuracy (replacement speeds vary according to the cell type - neurons and stem cells add variety) might have made for a more interesting poem. I liked "Put", "These hands" and "Late" too, but not "Allotment".

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