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Friday, 24 December 2010

"High Performance" by Luke Wright (Nasty Little Press, 2009)

32 A5 pages. 13 poems from "Magma", "The Big Issue", etc. Quite a lot of 'recognition humour' and the odd good line, but quite a lot of baggage too. The rhyming wasn't aways helpful. Here are 2 examples of the better material

The evening was approaching, afternoon
ready to chuck in its soiled towel, any
moment now. Outside a nonchalant moon
clocked in, the shadows began their many

smoky chores -
(from "Mr Bleaney (pre-visited)")
The intended boom-mic-in-shot edginess
was nothing more than Amateur Hour.
(from "Mr Blank").

p.32 has as typo 'with it's own"

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