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Saturday, 22 August 2015

"Agenda, V49.1" by Patricia McCarthy (ed) (2015)

65 pages of poetry (by Petrucci, Tony Curtis, Howard Wright, Stuart Henson, etc), 23 pages of reviews/essays (there's an essay about Seamus Heaney), 7 pages of interviews, and (a one-off, maybe) 5 pages of illustrations.

Many of the poets have published books. The others appear frequently in magazines. The poetry is mostly mainstream even if the poets often aren't. Petrucci for example has a sonnet (one of several in the magazine) that is accessible. Subjects vary widely - meeting a feathered Shaman in a lucid dream; bereavement; music, poetry of place, etc. A section of one poem is in prose. A few poems have very short lines ("Hands" begins with "I no longer/ remember/ very clearly/ your hands:").

The website includes supplements to the magazine, which is an interesting idea.

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