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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

"Envoi 170" by Jan Fortune (ed), June 2015

12 pages of reviews, 14 about a featured poet, a 10-page long poem, and 47 pages of other poetry. A good read. Here are some jottings -

  • I especially liked Angela Readman's "What the Sindy House ..."
  • "Falsework" is the 2nd poem I've recently read that after seemingly ignoring the title for the first half, suddenly brings it into the foreground of the discussion without quite justifying the relevance of the first part.
  • I prefer John White's long poem to Caroline Davies' "sequence of voices".
  • Brevity (even if the text is an abcedarian) isn't enough to label a text as poetry. I don't think "Glass" needs line-breaks either.
  • Ruth Aylett is another name to add to the list of science/math/computing people who publish poems.

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