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Wednesday 1 March 2023

"Mostly hero" by Anna Burns

An audio book. A novella.

The villians have put a spell on femme fatale, superhero's girlfriend, to make her murder him. Her great aunt lives at the top of a 200+ floor skyscraper with a broken lift (ah, but it's a rocket lift). She's a super villian, and won't mind superhero staying alive longer so he can kill her rivals off.

Henchmen try to kill superhero and femme, then change their mind in case the great aunt gets angry. The great aunt has already killed off superhero's relatives.

The aunt is shot. She has 57 bullets in her, 54 from previous deaths. This is her final death. Superhero is shot too. He's taken to hospital. The nurses all want to marry him and give him his doses. Consequently he's overdosed. The niece gets him home and stiches him up. She discovers that he'd planned to woo her as a way to get to her great aunt (who might be his grandmother) and kill her. The niece also discovers that to his dismay he fell in love with her.

A corpse reveals how to break the spell - the couple should talk it through to resolve their issues.

Fun - it's a style I'm familiar with - but sounds overlong.

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